Lucía Simón Medina Work About Texts

Sin título, agenda

2014, variable

graphite on A5 paper and on moleskine calendar

During her entire time working on “Sin título, librettos” from January to July 2014, Medina sharpened daily the pencil she used for making notations on the calendar page of the given day. If there was insufficient space for this, she also used an A5 sheet. In “Sin título, agenda”, the initial aesthetic by-product was ultimately condensed into an independent series of sheets, some of which were completely covered with graphite. The described or rather referenced sheets not only form peripheral traces of the process, they are themselves legible as signatures of the temporal. The individual, graphite-covered calendar page goes from being a medium of representing time (of the day, of the week) to being a medium of temporization itself, a notation perpetuated repetitively in the rhythm of making notations.

Extracted from "Time Signatures" by David Komary

Photos of Installation view: Stefan Lux.