Lucía Simón Medina Work About Texts

The name on the tip of the tongue

2018, 4 x 4 m

Pencil and black ink on paper

"The name on the tip of the tongue" highlights cryptography and numbers as basic aspects of contemporary life that remain under the surface of its design. It is inspired by two numeric decomposition problems: RSA, one of the first Public-Key cryptographic system, which is based on the challenge to decompose a very large number in two prime factors; and Goldbach’s conjecture,  which proposed that any even number greater than two can be written as the sum of two prime numbers.  Through calculation and drawing, The name on the tip of the tongue is a spatial investigation into structures of organization. It makes reference to the first list of prime numbers and factors up to the number 144,000,  written by Anton Felkel in 1776.

Video stills and Photo: Rizki Resa Utama
Photo of installation front view: Hubert P. Klotzeck