Lucía Simón Medina Work About Texts

Tendencies' Lack

2022, 1,63 x 1,50 m

Acrylic and pencil on paper

The human cognitive architecture is predisposed to search for patterns, thus, it expects cause-effect explanations, and their absence is dissatisfying. The patterns that we consciously or unconsciously tend to repeat are related to personal comfort and processes of discrimination. At a time when human behavior seems to be subjected to the scrutiny of the correlations established in the digital realm, it is pertinent to ask what is uncomputable. Chance, for example. Computers are capable of generating pseudorandom series, but not truly random. These pair drawings explore the beliefs that mathematicians and physicists use to argue the existence of randomness.

With the leftover colors from the previous drawing and a sheet of paper of the same size, I sat in Prater Park and invited interested passers-by to participate in this drawing. Each color was thrown onto the paper by a different person, along with each stain some information about the participant is written in pencil.