Lucía Simón Medina Work About Texts

Descriptive insufficiencies

2019, installation, variable size

465 black-and-white prints on A4 paper Ed.12 + A.P

Since the advent of the scientific method, mathematics has been the language used by science to decode the laws of nature. In the current digital age, mathematical algorithms occupy essential positions, but continue to develop unilaterally and are incomprehensible to most of society. This leads me to reflect on the production of technoscientific knowledge and its aesthetic representations: what space is left for critical epistemologies and what aesthetics are associated with the complexity involved in the digital. My reflection dates back to 1900, during the fundamental crisis in mathematics (Grundlagenkrise der Mathematik), and considers its corresponding questions: What are mathematics? What is the relationship between the act of thinking and reality, the act of thinking and the equation, intuition and logic, will and intellect? These questions have not yet been fully answered; and yet, humans continue to try to materialize their foundations. I wonder: how do we know that what we know is worth knowing? How do we know whether the creative process, as a human capacity, is about creating or finding? If it is about creating, what do we need for creation? And if it‘s about finding, where should we look?

Descriptive insufficiencies is a set of 465 prints that document the process of 3 drawings. Each drawing describes every even number between 2 and 324 as the sum of pairs of prime numbers. The drawings comprise three variations that result from distributing the geometric point of each number in three different forms of organization: horizontal, diagonal and spiral.