Lucía Simón Medina Work About Texts

Del sonido al mar

2023, 10-channel sound installation, variable size

Fishing nets

Del sonido al mar is an installation based on a collective composition by laschulas produced from the environment and interaction with the fishing community in Cantabria. The piece examines the circular economy and the traditional and sustainable practices of the region in conjunction with its climatology. In this way, the composition Del sonido al mar arises from in situ recordings of the acoustic landscape, from the air currents and waves of the coast to the sounds produced by fishing activity, such as the gathering of nets and the testimonies of fishermen, rowers, shipowners, net menders, and port authorities.

laschulas made field recordings in the Santander fish market, the San Vicente de la Barquera fish market, the fishing district, and the Cabo Mayor lighthouse. By collaborating with the fishing community —listening to and recording their stories— the fishing nets became the mainstay of the exhibition, symbolizing the interconnectedness of their traditional practices, their sustainable livelihoods, and the complex fabric of coastal life. Their presence resonates in every conversation and every sound captured, reflecting the profound importance of fishing nets in shaping the community. Likewise, the nets permeated the sound composition, interconnecting the different perspectives and encounters of eight different ears, creating an interweaving that reveals the diverse nuances of the collective experience. This installation reflects on the possibility of transforming practices and attitudes toward the consumption and conservation of resources. 

Del sonido al mar is the continuation of the laschulas collective's process of work and inquiry based on articulating narratives of the link between nature and human activity through collaborative practices that explore sonic and permeable qualities.
The fishing nets used in the exhibition are discarded nets provided by the Port of Santander, Cayón Gestión y Servicios and Gravity Wave. After their presence at the exhibition, they will be processed for recycling.

We thank everyone involved in this project, special thanks to Federico Toca, Susana Rubio, RED_ERA collective, Ale Falí, Emilio Corona, and Loli Sáiz for their kind collaboration. And to our sponsors Fonestar, Foro Cultural de Austria, Insfer, Cayón, SKE, and the Port of Santander for their effort and commitment. 

laschulas (Angélica Castelló, Natalia Domínguez Rangel, Lorena Moreno Vera, Lucía Simón Medina) is a collective of musicians, sound and visual artists, and curators committed to research, community, collaboration, environmental awareness, and equality. By focusing on sound as a primary and symbolic narrative component, laschulas create a space where composition as a collective practice activates contact networks and collaboration, fostering knowledge exchange.